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Reasons Why Pets Need to Be Spayed and Neutered

Generally speaking, pets don't need to be bred as often as they are, as there are plenty cats and dogs alive today in shelters, available for anyone who wants to add a valued member to their family. Certain working dogs may have attributes which should be passed on, but such breeding is done responsibly by professionals and the situation is different from that of family pets. The spay and neuter services offered by El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby, KS, serving the Wichita area are essential to helping solve the pet overpopulation crisis. 


Pet Behavior and Safety

One of the primary effects spay and neuter services have on pets is to assure they behave properly without compromising their safety. In general terms, although active pets will remain active, these procedures help calm them down a bit. Problematic behavior such as digging holes, climbing fences, or chewing furniture and other inappropriate items tends to decrease after the spaying or neutering. Neutering isn't an “end all, be all” to a pet who tends to run away, but it decreases the motivation for a male dog to find a female in heat. Likewise, a female who has been spayed is less likely to attract nearby males to her house.

What Happens to Unwanted Pets

Ideally, every litter of puppies and kittens would be cared for in loving homes, but unfortunately many of them are sent to live in shelters. While many places are no-kill shelters, they have finite resources and cannot care for an unlimited number of unwanted pets. When an animal is unwanted or unable to be relocated to a good home, no matter how much time and care the people at the shelter put into finding a better solution, there are times when euthanasia is the final result. Spay and neuter services work toward preventing an overpopulation of puppies, kittens, and other pets.

The Effects of Stray Animals in the Community

A lack of proper spay and neuter veterinarian services leads to more stray animals in the community. That in turn leads to more unwanted animal pregnancies and more unwanted pets who become strays themselves. The problem with strays is multi-fold. First, few actually survive as they are too domesticated by nature to live in the wild. The ones that do survive, do so by getting into trash to find food, or find ways to steal the food of well-kept pets. Even if those concepts were acceptable, which they aren't, such a process spreads disease to otherwise well cared for pets.

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For spay and neuter services in Derby, KS, and the surrounding Wichita areas, contact our veterinarians at El Paso Animal Hospital. You'll find all our vets and assistants to be professional and loving with your pet so you can rest easy knowing you're a responsible owner with a healthy pet.

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