Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care at El Paso Animal Hospital

It seems like only yesterday that you brought home that new puppy or kitten -- and now, a few years later, you're looking a senior citizen of the animal kingdom. It's an unfortunate fact that pets grow older much faster than their owners, encountering various age-related challenges along the way. But the senior pet care services offered at El Paso Animal Hospital can help your pet enjoy his "golden years."

Older German Sheppard Dog running through water.

As Your Pet Ages: Changes and Challenges

What constitutes a "senior pet?" Cats generally live longer than dogs, but both animals tend to make the transition into their geriatric stage of life by age 7. (The exceptions to this rule are shorter-lived large dog breeds, which may be considered geriatric starting at age 5.) As your pet ages, he experiences an elevated risk for health issues such as:

  • Cataracts, hearing loss, and cognitive impairment
  • Arthritis and other degenerative musculoskeletal conditions
  • Dental problems
  • Heart, kidney, and other organ failures
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Some of these age-related problems may be related to weight gain later in life. As pets become less mobile and energetic, they run the risk of obesity, especially if they continue to eat as always.

Helping Geriatric Animals Thrive

If you want your pet to keep enjoying life as he enters his senior years, make a habit of bringing him to El Paso Animal Hospital. Senior pets need two wellness exams per year, instead of the usual one exam per year for other adult animals. This increased frequency lets us do the necessary laboratory testing, vital sign checks, external inspections, and sensory/cognitive evaluations to catch those age-related problems as soon as they start to appear. Catching a serious threat such as cancer in its early stages may help us give your pet that many more happy and healthy years.

If your pet suffers from chronic ailments in his old age, our veterinary clinic can help. We can prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and other forms of pain management for aching joints, along with dietary and nutritional adjustments to help your pet shed extra pounds that impair his health or comfort. We can also advise you on smart home practices such as gentle exercise, ergonomic home environments, and other ways to make your pet's senior years more active and pleasant.

Contact Us Today for Senior Pet Care for Your Old Friend!

We all get older, and when we do, we often need some extra medical help. Give your senior pet what he needs for a happy life by calling El Paso Animal Hospital at (316) 788-1000.  

We look forward to helping you care for your old friend!

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