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Pet Flu Vaccinations

Pet Flu Vaccinations in Derby, KS

Humans are not the only creatures who can get the flu. Dogs can be infected with two major strains of the influenza virus, and cats can get other viral infections of the respiratory tract that cause the flu. However, pet flu vaccinations are available to protect your dog or cat from these illnesses.

Dog with a flu needs to see a vet.

Dog Flu

In the United States, there are two major strains of influenza that infect dogs. One is believed to have mutated from an equine flu strain and is mostly contained to racing greyhound circles. The other is believed to have mutated from a type of bird flu in Southeast Asia. Both are relatively new to the U.S., so most dogs have no immunity. This means that virtually all dogs that are exposed to the disease will become ill, and the virus is very contagious.

Vaccinating against the dog flu is a relatively new proposition because the dog flu itself is new to the United States. However, vaccinations exist for both strains of the virus and can be given to your dog. Some vaccinations protect against both strains, while others only protect against one.

Cat Flu

While it is possible for cats to develop infections from certain strains of influenza, it is rare. What is commonly referred to as "cat flu" is caused by one or both of two common viruses: feline viral rhinotracheitis and calicivirus. Unlike in dogs, these viruses are not new and are included in the core schedule of vaccinations for cats as the FVRCP vaccine.

Why Provide Pet Flu Vaccinations?

While neither the dog or cat flu is necessarily serious, they both can be. Very old and very young animals are most likely to have complications such as pneumonia, but complications can happen to any pet. Pet flu vaccinations help keep your pet healthy by either preventing the virus or making the infection milder if it is contracted.

In addition, protecting your pet from the flu helps provide herd immunity in your area. This means that the more pets that are vaccinated, the fewer that are able to carry the virus. If fewer animals can carry the virus, it does not spread as effectively. Herd immunity is an important part of the way vaccinations work, so encourage people you know to vaccinate their pets, as well.

Pet Flu Vaccinations from El Paso Animal Hospital

Our vets at El Paso Animal Hospital, located in Derby, KS, are always available to talk to you about your pet's vaccination needs. While the majority of animals can benefit from pet flu vaccinations, there are always a few for whom it is not indicated. The best way to figure out what your individual pet needs is to talk to one of our veterinarians.

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