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Pet Fitness and More from Our Derby Vet

At El Paso Animal Hospital, our Derby vet offers the pet fitness and wellness services you need to improve and optimize just about any aspect of your pet's well-being. And because our animal clinic has numerous veterinarians on-staff, we're able to serve not just dogs and cats, but a number of other types of pets (including pocket pets and exotic pets) as well. If you're looking to improve your pet's overall fitness, our experienced and compassionate team is here to assist you.

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Helping Your Pet Reach Optimal Fitness

These days, many pets are out-of-shape and, in turn, their health and wellness can suffer. This is especially common among pets who spend the majority (or all) of their time indoors. Lethargy and lack of activity, when combined with a less-than-ideal diet, can cause your pet to gain weight. Over time, the excess weight and lack of physical activity can make your pet more prone to certain health conditions, including diabetes and heart problems.

Fortunately, if your pet is overweight or obese, there are steps you can take to help your pet lose weight at a safe and steady pace while improving overall physical fitness in the process.

How Our Derby Veterinary Team Can Help

Before you put your pet on any kind of diet, weight loss, or fitness plan, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Derby veterinary team. More than likely, we will just want your pet to come in for a comprehensive health and wellness exam. This will allow us to get a better idea of how overweight your pet is, along with any other underlying medical problems that may need to be taken into consideration when trying to help your pet lose weight and improve overall fitness.

From there, our veterinary team can make personalized recommendations to improve your pet's fitness. For example, we may begin by recommending a switch to a different food, or a gradual reduction in the amount of food you give your pet each day. This can help to promote healthy and safe weight loss. From there, we can make recommendations on increasing your pet's fitness and activity levels, such as taking your pet on walks or using toys to stimulate and exercise your pet indoors. 

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