Routine Pet Maintenance

Routine Veterinary Care Your Pet Needs to Stay Healthy in Derby, KS

Just like people, pets do best if they have routine medical care and preventative treatments. Preventative care can save you money and improve your pet’s health in the long run. Here at our Derby veterinary clinic, we offer routine pet maintenance treatments as well as dealing with injuries and illness. 

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Routine Physical Exams

Our pet's age faster than us, so skipping one year's physical exam is like not going to the doctor for ten years if they were human. Annual or semi-annual wellness visits are the best way to catch problems early when they are more likely to be treatable.

Your veterinarian may recommend additional testing at your pet's annual physical. Blood tests can be used to check organ function and screen for certain diseases. Older pets especially may need more comprehensive screening.


Vaccinations protect pets from serious diseases. Although they are most critical when our pets are young, regular boosters are essential and some are mandated by law. Your veterinarian here at El Paso Animal Hospital can tell you which shots your pet needs and when.

Parasite Prevention

Preventing fleas and ticks is an important part of keeping your animal healthy. It also prevents these pests from bothering humans in the household or potentially spreading disease in both species. Over the counter and prescription, flea and tick treatments exist, and they may be topical or given orally. Some now last as long as six months.

Pets may also get internal parasites. Large parasite loads can cause serious illness, and intestinal worms can be spread to humans if proper hygiene is not practiced. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos and can also cause serious disease. There is no treatment for heartworms in cats, and the treatment is protracted and expensive in dogs. Monthly preventatives are a much better option.

Parasite preventatives are often bundled so that you do not have to give lots of different ones all the time. Most are more effective at preventing some pests than others. Ask your vet which option is best for your pet.

Dental Care

Routine dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet wellness medicine. Most dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease by mid-adulthood. Dental disease can cause pain, result in the loss of teeth, and even impact overall health.

Dental cleanings in pets require anesthesia because they do not stay still. Anesthesia also prevents them from biting if something hurts, because they do not understand that we are trying to help. 

Keep Your Pet Healthy with Routine Veterinary Care from El Paso Animal Hospital

Veterinarians love animals, and we love to see them healthy. Regular wellness checkups and routine preventative care keep many pets from needing our services in a more serious capacity. Contact El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby, KS at (316) 788-1000 to make an appointment for anesthetized dental care. No appointments needed for non-anesthetized routine care.

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