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Routine Pet Health Care And Screening

Routine Pet Health Care and Screening Provided at Derby, Kansas Vet 

Just like humans, pets need to be taken to the doctor for any illnesses. Your furry friend depends on you for their required wellness visits and the more diligent you are about your pet’s health, the more you can prevent frequent sick visits. At El Paso Animal Hospital, serving the Derby KS region, we supply routine pet care and screenings to keep your animal healthy.

routine pet health care and screening in derby, ks

Routine Exams and Screenings  

Our Derby KS vet clinic deals with all types of animals including dogs, cats, and birds. We advise patients to bring their pet to see our vet once per year.

During your visit, our vet will conduct a visual analysis of your pet's body to look for any peculiar lumps, or for any mites, fleas and other parasites. We will also check your pet’s heart and lungs. If our test shows any indication of problems, we may conduct further testing. Lastly, we will also examine your pet's teeth for any dental health problems such as an abscess or gum disease.

At El Paso Animal Hospital, we will conduct a blood test as well to examine your pet's blood sugar, electrolytes, cell count, and other nutrient amounts to determine if your pet has diabetes or a nutrient deficiency. Certain nutrient deficiencies can indicate issues with your pet's liver such as infections, and immune deficiencies.

Once we perform all the necessary tests, we might recommend methods to prevent complications such as diet modifications and lifestyle changes. We may prescribe medication or other treatment to help your pet back on a healthy track. We also may need to schedule treatment and recommend regular evaluations to monitor the condition. If the problem is out of our scope of practice, we will recommend a specialist who can treat your pet.  

Benefits of Regular Exams  

We recommend your pet receives regular exams to catch any illnesses in the early stages. The sooner an illness is detected, the sooner we can start treatment or implement preventative measures to keep your pet healthy. Keep in mind, however, not every serious condition has obvious symptoms. Issues could be occurring in your pet that isn’t causing symptoms early so it is vital for your pet to receive routine testing and screenings.

Coming into El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby on a regular schedule allows us to ensure your pet is always up-to-date on vaccinations and preventing them from contracting many serious diseases. Early detection may save you money as well. Once a problem escalates, the treatment may become more and more expensive when it's left untreated. Routine screenings and testing are essential to help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

Bring in Your Pet for a Routine Screening in Derby, KS

To schedule a routine appointment with a pet expert from El Paso Animal Hospital, serving Derby KS and the surrounding area, contact us at (316) 788-1000.

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