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Routine Physical Exams at El Paso Animal Hospital

A routine physical exam might sound like one of those optional procedures you might consider only if you're worried that your pet might be sick -- but in fact, there's nothing routine about the important benefits provided by this type of evaluation. If you want to make sure your pet is in top condition all the time, you need to address those health issues as soon as they occur. That's why our vet center, El Paso Animal Hospital, is proud to offer preventative wellness exams in Derby, KS.

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Regular Pet Wellness Exams: A Crucial Preventative Measure

Many pet owners wait until their pets are clearly ill or injured before taking them in for veterinary care -- but this is a mistake. Many diseases can lurk for long periods of time before they begin to show obvious symptoms, by which time they may have grown into dangerous threats to your pet's health (or even their life). Your pet may also be trying to hide the pain due to an injury or illness. Advanced conditions are much more expensive and difficult to treat than early-stage issues -- so the time to ascertain the state of your pet's health is now, not later.

Your pet may need a different schedule of routine physical exams throughout his life. A puppy or kitten may need several wellness checks per year, while a senior pet may need two or more annual exams. For most healthy adults, one exam per year at a veterinary hospital is perfectly adequate -- and it can make all the difference in your pet's long-term health.

Exams by Your Derby Veterinarian

Any Derby veterinarian on our experienced team can provide your pet with the regular wellness exams they need. A typical exam may include:

  • Evaluation of external features, from eyes and ears to skin health
  • Analysis of stance, gait, and posture
  • Lab tests of fecal, blood and urine samples for signs of disease or infestation
  • Dental evaluations and preventative cleanings
  • Weighing your pet to check for obesity (a potential gateway to many chronic illnesses)
  • Checking and recording vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, etc.)

If we discover any signs of a health problem, we will talk to you about it and suggest treatments to deal with it right away. We can also advise you on any questions you may have about diet, activity level, behavior, or other issues.

Call Our Derby Veterinary Hospital to Schedule Your Pet's Exam

Our veterinarians at El Paso Animal Hospital want to keep your pet well -- but the first step is up to you. Call our Derby clinic at (316) 788-1000 today to schedule a routine physical exam!

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