Pet Nutritional Counseling

We Offer Pet Nutritional Counseling!

Our veterinarian has over 40 years of professional animal care, a story that began with his dream and continues to live with a passion. Derby, Kansas has welcomed El Paso Animal Hospital with open arms, as we nourish the community with exceptional veterinary care for your beloved pets. As our facility has expanded in the past two years, we've brought in more veterinarians, more skilled staff, and we now offer more services, including pet nutritional counseling.


Nutritional counseling is highly recommended for pet owners, as their dietary habits directly relate to how well or unwell they grow and develop. Our team wants to ensure we're guiding you and your pet every step of the way, on what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Pets are unique in their own ways and require healthy calories to maintain a solid pattern of growth and internal stability. We're invested in your animal's daily wellness, and nutrition is a core part of their well-being.

Why dietary habits are so important for pets

Whenever we hear the question "so what do I need to feed my pet?" we spring into action to share a wealth of knowledge and experience. Feeding guidelines for your animal depends on several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Health history
  • Medications being taken
  • Lifestyle and exercise habits
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Weight modifications
  • Preferred tastes

Dogs and cats can be finicky eaters. Felines are notoriously finicky, yet their food leans more towards higher protein and low carbohydrates, whereas a dog requires a balance of animal and plant proteins. Since your pet is a carnivore by nature, it is imperative to provide top quality food for their daily meals that benefits every aspect of their health and well-being.

Food requirements and guidelines

We recommend and guide your pet towards the most beneficial and nutrient-dense diet. If affordability is a concern, our veterinarian and topnotch professionals are here to customize a premier nutrition plan for your pet. We understand that whatever goes into their bodies is a direct result of our guidelines. We also believe that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of eliminating inflammation, potential diseases, and maintaining the highest energy possible for your dog or cat. 

Our recommendations for dogs are the following:

  • Select diets with real, whole-food ingredients: If you aren't aware of the listed ingredients, find another food. 
  • Opt for a lower-calorie diet. In fact, most adults or primarily indoor pets have lower energy requirements. Make sure not to exceed recommended amounts, as that's what adds to obesity and other health challenges.

Your pet's health is our primary concern. Call us today at (316) 788-1000 to discuss their nutritional needs!

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