Fall has arrived, bringing more cool temperatures to our area, and bringing more, and hardier, fleas and ticks to our pets. As the number of pet problems from fleas and ticks climbs, El Paso Animal Hospital is here to help with the most up-to-date pet parasite prevention products and plans. Follow our guide, so these pests don’t hitch a ride on your pets.

Prevent pet flea and tick hitchhikers from causing disease

Fleas and ticks cause pets many problems. They bite your pets and suck their blood, often causing anemia, and sometimes death, in dogs and cats of any age or size. They cause severe itching, scratching, and secondary bacterial skin infection, known as flea allergy dermatitis. They also transmit many diseases to pets, and often people, including:

  • Cytauxzoonosis (i.e., bobcat fever)
  • Cat scratch disease
  • Bubonic plague
  • Tapeworms
  • Tick paralysis
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Anaplasmosis

Prevent pet flea and tick hitchhikers with a year-round plan

Pets require flea and tick prevention all year longincluding through the winter. Fleas can jump long distances, and will head into your home when the weather gets cooler. These parasites will also hitch a ride on small wildlife, such as mice, who head for the shelter of your home as temperatures drop. Indoor-only cats are not immune, since people and dogs who go outside may bring these parasites inside, where they can flourish in the warmth of your home all winter. Fleas prefer carpet, but hardwood floors do not deter them from overwintering in your home. You may not see them, but they are there. And, by the time you notice problems, the infestation in your home has become severe, and your indoor pets are also affected.  

Prevent pet flea and tick hitchhikers with the best products

Fortunately, many highly effective flea and tick products are available today. Our most popular products include Bravecto, Revolution, Simparica Trio, and Credelio.

Bravecto for dogs and cats

  • Dogs — Bravecto for dogs prevents fleas and ticks, and comes in a chewable oral dose and a topical spot-treatment formula. This product can be given to dogs who are at least 6 months of age, and weigh at least four and a half pounds. Bravecto kills black-legged, American dog, and brown dog ticks for 12 weeks, and the lone star tick for eight weeks, and prevents flea infestations for 12 weeks.
  • Cats — This is a topical preventive applied to the skin at the base of your cat’s neck. The preventive can be used on cats at least 6 months of age, who weigh at least two and a half pounds. Bravecto protects cats from fleas for 12 weeks, the black-legged tick for 12 weeks, and the American dog tick for eight weeks.

Revolution for dogs and cats

  • Dogs — Revolution can be used for puppies at least 6 weeks of age. Revolution is applied to the skin, and kills adult fleas, and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month. This preventive is indicated for flea infestation prevention and control, heartworm disease prevention, and ear mite infestation treatment and control. Revolution also is indicated for sarcoptic mange treatment and control, and for the control of tick infestations caused by Dermacentor variabilis.
  • Cats — For cats, Revolution Plus is applied topically at their neck base when they are 8 weeks of age and older, and weigh 5.6 pounds or more. Revolution Plus protects cats and kittens against fleas, ticks, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites.

Simparica Trio for dogs

  • Dogs — Simparica Trio comes as an all-in-one monthly tablet, and can be used for dogs at least 8 weeks old and who weigh at least 2.8 pounds, to protect against ticks, fleas, heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

Credelio for dogs and cats

  • Dogs — Credelio for dogs is a monthly chew that treats and controls flea and tick infestations for one month in puppies and dogs 8 weeks and older, who weigh 4.4 pounds or more. 
  • Cats — If your cat is picky about pills, we dare you to try this! Credelio for cats is a new, extremely palatable monthly chew that treats and prevents fleas in kittens 8 weeks and older, and weighing two pounds and more. In addition, Credelio prevents ticks in cats 6 months of age and older.

Fleas and ticks can make your petsand youmiserable. Call the caring team atEl Paso Animal Hospital, and we will customize a flea and tick control plan for your pet. Together, we can prevent these parasites from hitching a ride on your pet throughout the winter.