Pet Eye Infections

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections can vary from minor and easy to treat to serious, chronic infections that may lead to blindness and permanent damage. Understanding the symptoms of an eye infection can help you to seek treatment right away from the veterinarian in Derby. The sooner an eye infection is treated, the better the odds are of the infection healing without any further damage to your pet’s eyes. Here are the symptoms of an eye infection, the causes, and treatment.

pet eye infections

Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections

There are several symptoms that are common among various eye infections, so the important thing is to be aware of any change and take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as you suspect an eye infection. Here are some common signs and symptoms of an eye infection:

  • Swelling and inflammation around one or both eyes
  • Bulging eye
  • Redness or bloodshot eyes
  • Small pupils
  • Squinting
  • Abnormal discharge in eyes or increased tears
  • Frequent blinking
  • Light sensitivity
  • Scratching or pawing at their eye

Common Causes and Treatment for Eye Infections

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is the most common type of eye infections in humans as well as pets. Conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva becomes inflamed. The conjunctiva is a thin membrane covering the white part of the eye. A bacterial infection is the most common cause of pink eye; however, it can also be caused by environmental irritants or allergens. Treatment for pink eye typically consists of applying antibiotic eye drops to the affected eye. In some situations, oral antibiotics may be given. Your veterinarian will carefully examine the affected eye to determine if the infection is due to bacteria or possible allergens. If it is found to be allergy-related, allergy medications may be prescribed.

Dry Eye

Dry eye isn’t necessarily an infection; however, it often leads to pet eye infections and even more serious issues. Dry eye means your pet’s tear ducts are not producing sufficient tears from the glands to provide essential moisture to the eyes. Dry eye may be the result of an injury to the tear ducts from a trauma or from an issue with their immune system. Tears are essential for keeping eyes clean and free from irritants, so if there is no tear production, there is an increased risk of eye infection. Treatment for dry eye varies depending on the cause. For instance, if the cause is due to an isolated allergy, your veterinarian may recommend short term use of eye drops to keep the eye clean and lubricated. In situations where there is an additional infection, the vet may prescribe anti-inflammatories and/or antibiotics as well as pain medication.

If you suspect your pet may have an eye infection, contact El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby to schedule an eye exam.

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