Pet Ear Infections

Our Derby Veterinarian Team Treats and Prevents Ear Infections in Pets

At El Paso Animal Hospital, our Derby vet team is happy to help pet parents learn about pet ear infections, including why they occur, what their signs are, and how to treat them. We believe that by educating local pet owners about ear infections, the animals in our community will be able to get the treatment they need sooner. 

Our Derby Veterinarian Team Treats and Prevents Ear Infections in Pets

Understanding a Pet Infection

An ear infection can affect the outer (otitis externa), middle (otitis media), or inner (otitis interna) ear of a cat or dog, especially older dogs, dogs with weakened immune systems, and dogs with big floppy ears. 

In many cases, an untreated outer ear infection can spread to the middle or inner ear. Early diagnosis and treatment are best for improving your pet's health and reducing the risk of complications.

What Causes a Pet Ear Infection?

A pet ear infection can be caused by:

    • Bacteria, yeast, viruses, dust mites, and other parasites
    • Excessive moisture or wax in the ear
    • Environmental or food allergies (80% of dogs with food allergies get ear infections, too)
    • Excessive cleaning of the ears
    • Adverse reaction to a medication
    • Underlying health conditions, especially ones affecting the immune, thyroid, and endocrine systems

Signs of Ear Infections in Pets

An animal with an ear infection often exhibits the following signs:

    • Shaking of the head
    • Pawing and scratching at the ear, often with vocalizations like grunts and whines
    • Foul-smelling ears
    • Dark discharge from the ear
    • Dry scaly skin, redness, and swelling in and around the ear

Getting Help For a Pet Ear Infection From Our Derby Vet Staff

Ear infections can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for your animal. Untreated, they can also lead to rare but serious complications including incoordination, gait and balance disturbance, and hearing loss. This is why we encourage to bring your pet in to see us as soon as you notice the telltale ear infection signs.  Our Derby vet team can provide a thorough physical examination, take samples, and assess your pet's health history to help us make an accurate diagnosis and tease out the underlying causes.

Based on our exam findings, we'll be able to implement the most effective treatment plan. This may include:

    • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, and/or antimicrobial medications (oral, topical, or both)
    • Nutrition changes including identification and elimination of any food allergens
    • Education for pet parents on how to safely clean and maintain animal ear health

Is Your Pet Suffering from an Ear Infection?

Contact El Paso Animal Hospital at (316) 788-1000 to get your pet the relief she deserves with affordable and timely care.

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