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If you are searching for a vet near Wichita, take a drive to Derby and visit us at El Paso Animal Hospital. We reopened our facility in 2018 with a bigger building, eight examination rooms, luxury boarding suites, digital x-ray systems, and more. If you are in the Wichita area and you are concerned that your pet has allergies, we are close by in Derby— and we are ready to help. 


In the meantime, you can review these frequently asked questions to help determine if your pet might have allergies. Then make sure to visit a veterinarian.

What Are Common Pet Allergies?

Pets can be allergic to everything, from flea saliva to grass. Their food may even cause them to have an allergic reaction that makes them itchy or develop a rash. Like people, your pet may breathe in something that results in an allergic reaction. Likewise, it can be something that contacts their skin, resulting in an allergy. Or they ingest it. Your pet may also have inherited their allergy, as some breeds are more likely to develop them because of genetics.

Additionally, an allergic reaction to fleas, a spider bite, ants, or a bee sting is a possibility for sensitive pets.

What Are The Signs Of Pet Allergies?

Pet allergies make your pet have dry, itchy skin. They may also develop a rash, open sores, and an allergic reaction may even fur loss. Your Derby veterinarian will perform tests to determine if there is a reaction to something in the environment, food, or another trigger that sets off these pet allergies. Flea saliva is the most common allergen we find in dogs. They develop flea allergy dermatitis from flea bites. Not only that, but a bacterial infection can develop from all the biting and scratching.

How does a Veterinarian Treat pet Allergies?

First, your Derby vet will do an exam to determine if the issue is allergies. You will work together to discover the thing that is causing the allergy. If you've recently switched foods, that could be the problem. The veterinarian can prescribe both topical and oral medications that will help control allergy symptoms. They will also use a cone to prevent the pet from continuing to scratch. If your pet's allergy to flea bites, progresses to flea allergy dermatitis, the vet will likely prescribe antibiotics as well.

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