In recent decades, the process of having a pet microchipped has become very popular. Microchipping is conducted by our vet in the comfort of our El Paso Animal Hospital office in Derby. Here is some information about this procedure to read over so you are aware of its importance for your own pet's protection.


How Microchipping Can Save a Pet

Microchipping a pet is the process of inserting a small chip directly underneath layers of their skin. The chip will hold important data pertaining to their owner's identification. A pet that becomes lost will be more likely to be reunited with its owner if it is found and brought to a facility with a chip reader. A pet without a chip will not have identifiable information upon their body to positively track down its owner. For this reason, people find that this process is well worth the time and effort as their pets will have a much better chance of being returned if they are separated from their owners.

How Information Is Collected and Stored

When you make an appointment to have your pet microchipped, you will be required to provide information about yourself to be stored in a countrywide database. This information is accessible by anyone who has a microchip reader. These readers are held by those who work at humane societies or veterinarian's offices. The information is uploaded to a small chip and can be scanned by waving a reader next to your pet's body. This will provide the holder of the reader with your identification information so you can be alerted that your pet was found.

How Our Vet Conducts the Procedure

After your information is obtained and it is uploaded to a chip, the chip is implanted into your pet's body. This is done using a long needle much like that used for immunizations. Your pet will not suffer from pain during the insertion of a chip. Minor discomfort at the insertion site may be experienced but this will heal quickly. The chip is inserted into the shoulder blade area. This is to keep your pet from scratching or biting at the chip after it is in place. Before the insertion of a chip, our veterinarian will conduct a full evaluation of your pet's health. This way if there are issues to address, proper treatment will be administered. 

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Microchipping your pet is an important procedure that could keep your dog or cat safe should it become lost. Visit us today or call (316) 788-1000 to find out more information about this procedure.

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