Emergency Pet Surgery

Emergency Pet Surgery in Derby, Kansas at El Paso Animal Hospital

At El Paso Animal Hospital, our experienced and trusted veterinarians are available to help you whenever there’s a need. When an emergency happens, pet owners often find themselves struggling to get the help they need. When you visit our clinic, your pet is always our number one priority. We work hard to ensure even the most worrisome of situations are treated with the utmost urgency. For 40 years, our team has been there to help families. If your pet needs emergency pet surgery in Derby, Kansas, contact us at (316) 788-1000. Our staff will be there to accept emergency calls every day during regular business hours. All after hours calls should be made to the Wichita Emergency Veterinary Hospital ( 


When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

There are numerous situations in which a pet needs care immediately. In these situations, we ask that you immediately contact our team at El Paso Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment or so we can give you specific direction on what to do right now for your pet.

We have a veterinarian available 6 days a week who can handle any emergency or urgent need your pet has. This may include poisoning, being hit by a car, or seizures.

Emergency situations are those in which the pet needs immediate care such as because of symptoms such as:

  • Not responsive
  • Not breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Seizures

Urgent situations are those in which the pet needs help soon. In these situations, your pet is ill but not necessarily facing a life-threatening condition. Symptoms may include:

  • The pet isn’t eating or drinking.
  • The animal is throwing up.
  • The pet isn’t acting normal in some other way.
  • The pet has a potential broken bone.


In any of these situations, we recommend bringing your pet in to see us. We’ll provide your animal with a full exam and handle any diagnostics necessary. From there, we’ll determine if your pet needs additional care.

Comprehensive Pet Emergency Surgery Is Available

Our team has a number of veterinarians available to help with your pet’s immediate needs. Our pet surgeons will determine when surgery is necessary and when it needs to occur to protect your animal’s life. We may recommend this for situations such as: 

  • Open wounds with high infection rates
  • Birthing that stalls or endangers the mother
  • Broken bones or other trauma requiring immediate help
  • Lacerations or damage to internal tissues or organs
  • Biopsies

It is nearly always our goal to avoid surgery unless your pet’s health is at risk. Keep in mind your pet will be working with highly skilled professionals dedicated to their well-being. We offer years of experience and a strong local reputation for providing exceptional care.

Contact El Paso Animal Hospital Now for Emergency Pet Surgery and Care

Our trusted veterinarians, Dr. Gary Oehmke, Dr. Jeff Herod, Dr. Erica McKinney, Dr. Lynn Mork, Dr. Landon McQuilliams and Dr. Sarah Guengerich are licensed, experienced professionals available to provide your pet with immediate help in emergency situations. Do not wait to call us. As a full-service animal hospital, we do our best to get your pet in as soon as possible. Contact El Paso Animal Hospital at (316) 788-1000 for any pet emergencies. 

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