Digital Ultrasound

An Overview of Digital Ultrasound from El Paso Animal Hospital

When someone comes to see us at the El Paso Animal Hospital, they often ask about our diagnostic capabilities. This is an important question to ask. Pet owners trust a vet in Derby to come up with the answers to their questions. To do this, we need to have access to the right information. That is why we invest in the latest diagnostic tools in our field. One of the tools we have that sets us apart comes in the form of digital ultrasound. When it comes to medical tools, there are a few points that everyone should know.


How Does A Digital Ultrasound Tool Work?

Digital ultrasound is a fantastic tool that is used in both human hospitals and vet clinics. This tool works by using sound waves to generate an image. When a pet comes to see us, we want to get a look at what is happening underneath the skin. To do this, we need to take pictures. Sound waves pass through different materials at different speeds based on density. Sound waves move through solid materials more quickly than liquid materials. As a result, air and liquid are going to show up dark on an ultrasound screen. In contrast, solid tissues (such as bone) are going to show up white. This allows a trained vet to get a look at what is happening inside of a pet.

What Is Can This Diagnostic Tool Be Used For?

A trained vet will use ultrasound tools to diagnose and treat a number of different conditions. For example, a pet might be pregnant and need its gestation tracked. This is similar to what happens in the human field of medicine. This tool can also be used to diagnose abscesses that might be infected and need to be removed. Finally, a vet might also use this diagnostic capacity to look for tumors that might be hiding beneath the surface of the skin. All of this plays an important role in providing exceptional care to pets.

Trust the Team from El Paso Animal Hospital

It is important for every pet owner in the local area to have a vet they trust. That is why we at the El Paso Animal Hospital have placed the needs of the local Derby area ahead of our own. We have invested our time and resources into providing our patients with access to the latest diagnostic and treatment options in our field. This dedication is reflected by the care that we provide to every pet who comes through our door. It would be our honor to do the same for you.

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