Prepare For Your Visit

*Our lobby is fully OPEN. Mask required for individuals not vaccinated.*


We are an extremely busy walk-in, full-service animal hospital. We are unlike other local Veterinarian clinics as we do not schedule appointments. We see pets on a first-come basis (check-in early) and we often reach capacity.

We are accepting new clients, but have a daily new client capacity at this time to allow us to serve our existing client needs.

Please be mindful, this is a popular time of year for pets to be seen, or as they say, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” Our wait times can be lengthy. Enjoy the ease of mobile check-in and wait in the comfort of your home or on the go if you are visiting soon. 

While we would love to see all the patients who come our way, we do have a patient threshold to allow our team the time they need to care for your pet. We also highly value our employees, respect their work-life balance, and strive to give them time to rejuvenate to in turn, give your pets the care they deserve. 


Welcome! We look forward to meeting you and your fur friends. Please complete the New Client Form prior to your visit. You can also ask an employee for the New Client Form inside. . 


  • In-hospital Visit: Come on in - seating is available in our lobby! Masks encouraged for individuals not vaccinated. Our employees mean a great deal to us and we want to keep them safe.  
  • Curbside Visit: Your pet will visit inside while you wait onsite. We will notify you by text/phone call once we are ready for your pet at the door. The doctor will call you during the pet exam. Your pet will be released to you as soon as the exam and payment are complete.
  • If you have a pet emergency, are retrieving Rx, food or a patient, visit inside to pick-up.


Enjoy the ease of mobile check-in from our parking lot, your home, or on the go if you are visiting soon.

The QLess check-in portal hours are:

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am – 11:30 am and 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm 

Saturdays: 8:00 am – 11:30 am

**QLess may close within these hours if the hospital reaches walk-in capacity. If you intend to visit and we have reached capacity, check back mid-morning, at 1:00 pm or the following day. Reach our team by calling or texting 316-788-1000.**

You will receive a text/notification once your check-in is complete! Please wait in your car, at home (if you live close) or enjoy the breeze outside. We will notify you when a seat in our lobby opens. There will be an additional wait inside prior to seeing the doctor. Doctors see patients on a first-come, first-serve basis. Emergencies will be triaged upon arrival and may take priority.  


  • Please note, requesting a specific doctor may result in a longer wait than estimated in your QLess forecast. Selecting ‘First Available Doctor’ at check-in is a quicker option to be seen. Let us know if you would like to change from a doctor request to First Available Doctor at any time. 
  • Please bring cats and small pets in a carrier. We do have cardboard pet carriers available for purchase for $7.00.
  • Need to use the restroom? Come on inside!  

Trouble with check-in? Have a pet Emergency? No problem! One of our employees will be happy to help you inside or                    text/call 316-788-1000 to reach one of our team members during business hours. 

We have missed seeing your friendly faces and look forward to seeing you and our fur friends soon!

       - The El Paso Animal Hospital Team


QLess will start by asking the # of pets to be seen, your name and phone number. You will then select your 

reason for visit from the following options:

Vaccinations or Medical concern
Procedure or Surgery Drop-off 
When you are concerned your
pet is near the end of life. 
Actively seizing
Difficulty breathing
Exposed bone/severe lameness
Heat stress
Medication/vaccine reaction
Poison or toxic ingestion
Puppy with severe diarrhea
Severe bleeding
Adequan shot
Cold laser treatment
Nail trim
Suture removal
Fecal sample
Urine sample
Drain tube removal
Anal gland expression
Boarding Drop-off
Boarding Pick-up

Select your client status - New Client, Returning Client - Existing Patient, Returning Client - New Patient

Next, you will enter:

  • Dr. Preference - please note, selecting First Available Doctor is the quickest way to be seen.
  • Pet Name - If you have more than one pet, please enter all their names here. 
  • The location where you will wait (in lobby, our parking lot, remotely/off-site or on the way)
  • Once you are checked-in, you will immediately receive a text notifying you we received your check-in. You will also receive ways to self-serve your check-in such as reply S= to receive status updates, M= to move to the back of the when you need more time and L= to leave the line. 

If you do not receive a text/notification, please see a CSR inside or call/text us at 316-788-1000 to ensure we received your check-in. 

  🐾 You will be notified at the following touch-points, please have your phone available:

  • QLess will send you a text/notification once your check-in is received. You will receive a notification of how many pets are ahead of you. 
  • Text ‘S’ to receive status updates. 
  • Next in line notification - get your pet ready and head for the door!
  • We are ready for you and your pet inside. This means you are on deck and head this way! If you are staying curbside, the Doctor will call during the pet visit. Please hold your questions for the doctor to discuss during the pet exam. 

🐾 Want a shorter wait? Visit at a non-peak time! 

  • Our busiest days are Mondays/Fridays/Saturdays (and the day after a holiday)
  • Our queue lines will become unavailable (grayed out) for check-in if we reach morning or afternoon capacity.              
  • Extreme emergency patients will take priority and can lengthen wait time.    

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