COVID-19 Safety Precautions


Enjoy the ease of mobile check-in from our parking lot, home or on the go if you are visiting soon! **EPAH is currently seeing patients curbside**


• Click here to join our virtual line:

• Visit – select “Click Here to Check-In” 

• Scan our QR code on-site 

You will receive a text/notification once your check-in is complete!

Trouble with check-in? Have a pet Emergency? No problem! Text or call 316-788-1000 to reach one of our team members or flag an employee at the door during business hours. 

We are an extremely busy walk-in, full-service animal hospital. We are unlike other local Veterinarian clinics as we do not schedule appointments. We see pets as they come and we often reach capacity. Please wear a mask, social distance and show kindness to our guests and team.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the current Covid-19 outbreak and trying our best to make decisions in the best interest of our guests and team. Our patient check-in will remain curbside until Covid-19 cases calm.


Welcome, we cannot wait to meet you and your fur friends! Complete the New Client Form prior to your visit (or ask an employee for one at the door): . We look forward to serving you soon! 

QLess Check-in

What to expect when using our QLess mobile check-in: 

QLess will start by asking # of pets to be seen, your name and phone number. 

You will then select what service you are here for from the following options:

  • Routine/Walk-in Visit = Vaccinations, Follow up from a previous visit or Medical Concern (select reason from future drop down menu such as a growth, coughing, ear problem, wound, etc.)
  • Quick Service = Adequan shot, Bordetella, Cold laser treatment, Nail trim, Stiches/tube removal.
  • Rx/Food/Retail = When you are picking up pet prescriptions, food, treats or a retail item. (No services)
  • Pre-Scheduled Procedure/Surgery = Surgery drop=off. 
  • Patient Pick-up = When your pet has been in for a service, procedure or surgery and you are here to retrieve them. 
  • Pre-Scheduled Boarding = When you are here to drop-off or pick-up a pet with Boarding. **we are not taking new boarding reservations at this time**
  • Euthanasia = When you have concerns your pet is near the end of life.

You will then enter you Client Status, Dr. Preference and Pet Name. If you have more than one pet, please enter all their names here. 

Next, you will select one of two options:

  1. Join the line to be seen as soon as possible = this is the line you want to be in if you are in the parking lot, on your way or we we have a long wait and you want to check-in now and wait from home or on the go.  


2. Hold your spot in line for another day/time = You want to hold your spot in line for a future day/time.*

*Please do not select this option if you are in the parking lot before we open. You will want to wait for our "Join the line to be seen as soon as possible" option to open. If you select this option, please come at the time you were given. 

**Future spot in line is only available for Routine/Walk-In, Quick Service, Rx/Food/Retail, Euthanasia services. 

Once you are checked-in, you will immediately receive a text notifying you we received your check-in. You will also receive ways to self-serve your check-in such as reply  S=to receive status updates, M= to move to the back of the when you need more time and L= to leave the line. 

If you do not receive a text, please call text or call us at 316-788-1000 to ensure we received your check-in. 

🐾 Want a shorter wait? Visit at a non-peak time! 

  • Busiest days: Mondays/Fridays/Saturdays (and day after a holiday)
  • Peak check-in times: 8am and 1pm (closed noon-1pm for lunch)
  • Our queue lines will become unavailable for check-in if we reach morning or afternoon capacity.      
  • Extreme emergency patients will take priority and can lengthen wait time.    

 🐾 New client? Please complete the New Client Form on our website at

 🐾 You will be notified at the following touch-points, please have your phone available:

  • QLess will send you a text/notification once your check-in is received. You will receive an estimated wait time. 
  • Next in line notification (bring your pet to the door)
  • Doctor will call during the visit. Please hold your questions for the doctor and they are happy to discuss. 
  • CSR will call you for payment, check-out and let you know when your pet is ready for pick-up.

 🐾 We understand are currently not allowing Euthanasia visitors in the building.  

  🐾 Need FOOD, Rx, TREATS or TOYS? No problem! Text 316-788-1000 to order and check-in the Rx queue when you arrive to and we            will bring them curbside! We also mail prescriptions!

 🐾 HOT DOG?! It’s that time of year to keep a close eye on your pet and keep them hydrated. We have pet bowls and water available at          the door for you, or your pet. 

 🐾 Need a restroom? We have a port-a-potty onsite.

  🐾Please bring cats and exotics in a carrier.

Thank you for your patience through the adaptions we have faced and the next steps to come. We are working through times no business ever predicted. 

As always, we look forward to seeing our fur friends. Rest assured, your pets will be well taken care of and get plenty of love while inside!

 The EPAH Team

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