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Dog Appreciation

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Dog Appreciation With Our Derby, KS Veterinarians

In 2004, Colleen Paige, Animal Behaviorist (and Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert) founded National Dog Day to recognize the huge role dogs play in our lives, from friend and companion to guide and protector, and everything in between. El Paso Animal Hospital, your Derby veterinary hospital for over 40 years, and Dr. Gary Oehmke, our founding veterinarian, hope you and your furry best friend will set aside time to go for a walk, play a game of fetch, or just be couch potatoes together.

National Dog Day

National Dog Day (NDD) is a recognized “brand,” created by The Holiday Guild (, so structured events using their name are required to request and receive approval from Partnerships are offered through The Holiday Guild, and these partners often host events that feature fun games for dogs and their people, free doggie toys, gift boxes full of doggie treats, and possibly most important, dog adoption events.

The NDD website offers twenty suggestions for how you can celebrate National Dog Day, from giving your dog a massage to donating things like blankets, towels, toys, or food to your local animal shelter or rescue. Check out the ideas and cute photos at

Importance of National Dog Day

Only 14 years old, National Dog Day has become a major topic on social media, and each year reminds people that all dogs, purebred, mixed breed, bought or rescued, need loving homes. Posts on social media can influence people to adopt a dog, maybe from a shelter or breed rescue, into their family. NDD celebrates the varied roles dogs play, from pet to military sentry, and rescue to show dog. As a responsible dog owner, National Dog Day is also a good time to think about your dog’s health.

El Paso Animal Hospital Can Help Get Your Dog in Tip-Top Shape

El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby, a walk-in only animal hospital with 6 veterinarians, can provide everything from a basic checkup to bathing, boarding, surgery, and emergency care, or maybe even a dog from their on-site Adoption Center! Call 316-788-1000 today for information and hours!

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