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Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Does My Pet Have Allergies?

Is your pet scratching or acting irritated and uncomfortable? Pet allergies may be the cause. Some pet owners don't realize that animals can have allergies just like humans do, but the secret to easing your pet's suffering may be addressing his allergies. Common allergy symptoms in pets include itching, continual scratching, bumps or a rash on the skin, vomiting, or diarrhea. Our veterinarians at El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby can help you identify your pet's symptoms and come up with the best solution.

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Pets can be allergic to many of the things that cause humans to react. Depending on the allergy, the reaction might be seasonal or year-round. Some animals have seasonal allergies to grass or pollen, and their allergies may flare up at the same time humans' do. Others are allergic to dust mites or mold, with symptoms coming and going throughout the year.

How Can I Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms for My Pet?

If you or a loved one suffers from bad allergies, you may already be familiar with common practices to reduce allergy symptoms. The same practices should work for your pets. If your pet reacts to outdoor irritants like grass and pollen, keep your doors and windows closed to reduce the particles that make it into your home. Wipe off paws when your pet comes in from outside to remove the irritants.

If dust or indoor chemicals are the reason behind your pet’s allergies, consider cutting down on cleaning supplies and detergents with heavy scents. Make sure you replace your air filters regularly so that they can effectively remove dust and other particles from the air. Keep up with regular vacuuming and dusting too.

If your pet's allergies are severe, talk to our veterinarians in the Derby about medicines or other options that could bring relief.

Come Get Your Pet Checked by Our Derby Vets Today

If you think your pet may have allergies that are making him uncomfortable, a vet can help you diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for your animal. At El Paso Animal Hospital, we're ready to serve Derby and the greater Wichita area. Give us a call at 316-788-1000 to get help for your pet today.

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