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Urinary Obstruction

El Paso Animal Hospital Offers Treatment of Urinary Obstruction

Urinary obstruction can occur when the urethra becomes blocked or compressed, stopping the normal flow of urine from an animal’s body. Male cats and some breed of dogs may be particularly susceptible to developing urinary stones and obstructions, although it can occur in any animal. At El Paso Animal Hospital in Derby, KS, we have experience in diagnosing and treating urinary obstructions in animals.

Symptoms of Urinary Obstruction

You may notice your dog straining to urinate during walks outdoors, or your cat may hunch over and strain to urinate in the litter box. Your pet may vomit or retch, seem in pain, or urinate in inappropriate areas. Urinary obstruction is a veterinary emergency that needs to be seen by your vet as quickly as possible.

How Our Veterinarians Diagnose Urinary Obstruction

Your veterinarian may inject dye into the urinary tract of your furry animal to allow the suspected blockage to be seen on an x-ray. Also, your vet may use ultrasound testing to determine the size and location of the blockage.

Treating Urinary Obstruction

Your veterinarian may flush the stone back into the bladder to be surgically removed. Ultrasound waves or lasers are often used to break up stones to allow them to pass through the urinary system. In some cases, your vet may place a catheter in the urethra to allow the passage of urine. Surgery may be needed to remove the blockage.

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Our staff at El Paso Animal Hospital believe pets deserve compassionate quality care at all stages of life. That’s why we provide individualized attention to all our patients in Derby, KS, and nearby communities. We offer many services to our patients, including exams, vaccinations, surgery, diagnostics, emergency care, and boarding. Call El Paso Animal Hospital today at 316-208-6551 to make an appointment, or to learn about the treatment options for urinary obstruction.

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