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Gastrointestinal Issues in Cats

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Your Primer to Understanding Gastrointestinal Issues in Cats

Although cats have a bad reputation when it comes to hairballs, gastrointestinal issues are actually far from the norm for felines. When your pets start to show signs of cat stomach problems, it is time to get them to the Derby vet at El Paso Animal Hospital for a checkup. A skilled vet can pin down the cause of your felines’ stomach ailments and help them make a full recovery. Before this situation arises, learn all you need to know from this guide.

Causes of Cat Stomach Problems

Cats can come down with many different stomach problems that cause them to feel sick and lethargic. The most common causes are parasites and food allergies. Cats can also develop stomach issues from cleaning themselves too often. As they lick their fur, the hair builds up in their digestive system, causing an upset stomach and vomiting.

Signs of the Need for Derby Veterinary Care

Cat stomach problems tend to present as vomiting and diarrhea, though constipation is common as well. Your cat may refuse to eat, act lethargic and seem weak. While suffering from cat stomach problems, many felines will experience pain, but it is difficult to notice this sign at a glance. Your veterinary expert can help decipher the signs and figure out just what is bothering your cat.

How Derby Vets Handle Feline Gastrointestinal Issues

Skilled veterinary professionals lean on their experience to accurately diagnose gastrointestinal issues in cats. They will use diagnostic tests, such as imaging, blood draws and fecal samples, to pinpoint the exact problem affecting your cat. They can then use a certain brand of medication or helpful procedures to relieve the cat stomach problems and help your pet get on the road to recovery.

Get Derby Vet Help for Cat Stomach Problems

If you need help with a cat suffering gastrointestinal issues, you can reach out to the team at El Paso Animal Hospital for pet care support. We will help track down the cat stomach problems affecting your animal to ensure they can make a full recovery. Give our Derby team a call at 316-788-1000 to schedule your visit.

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