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5 Household Spots That Contain Pet Toxins

Numerous pets are poisoned every year, and these incidents can have life-threatening consequences. Many poisonings are caused by common household substances that you use on a daily basis. Our team at El Paso Animal Hospital wants to help protect your pet by providing information on places in your home where pet toxins are frequently found. [...]

How Much Do You Know About Your Pet’s Dental Health?

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and the perfect time to brush up on—no pun intended—your pet’s oral health. The truth is, oral health is an area many pet owners forget about until their veterinarian gently explains that their pet has serious dental issues that could be causing them a great deal of pain. [...]

Spaying and Neutering: When is the Best Time?

As a pet owner, you naturally want what’s best for your furry companions, including making the right decisions regarding their reproductive health. Given recent changes surrounding the recommended ages for spaying and neutering, you may find that choosing the best option for your pet is daunting. While research in this field is constantly evolving, we [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Arthritis

The bond with a pet is special, and most pet owners will agree their pets are never with them long enough. It can be hard to notice the first patch of grey fur turning into a white muzzle as your four-legged companion approaches their golden years. Fortunately, advances in veterinary medicine have resulted in pets [...]

Pet Flea and Tick Hitchhikers: Our Control Guide

Fall has arrived, bringing more cool temperatures to our area, and bringing more, and hardier, fleas and ticks to our pets. As the number of pet problems from fleas and ticks climbs, El Paso Animal Hospital is here to help with the most up-to-date pet parasite prevention products and plans. Follow our guide, so these [...]

Prioritizing a Veterinary Emergency: What Pet Owners Need to Know

Experiencing a veterinary emergency is a reality no pet owner wants to face. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and knowing what’s urgent—and what’s not—could save your furry friend’s life. At El Paso Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to your pet’s well-being. That’s why we developed a classification system, to help us deliver the best possible veterinary care in [...]

An Immunization Overview for Pet Owners

Bringing your pet in to receive their vaccinations every year may seem like a hassle, but being proactive about your pet’s health  could save your pet’s life and keep your pocketbook from being overtaxed. Our team at El Paso Animal Hospital would like to explain why vaccines are so important to your pet’s well-being and [...]

How Do I Protect My Dog From Ticks and Mosquitoes?

Summer in Kansas brings an increased risk for illnesses caused by ticks and mosquitoes. The best solution to keep your dog healthy is preventing them from being infected. Our team at El Paso Animal Hospital wants to ensure you feel educated on the diseases these parasites transmit, and how to best protect your dog. Ticks: [...]

Little Organ, Big Problem—Pancreatitis in Pets

Is your pet’s pancreas poised for a painful problem? Pancreatitis is a dangerous, potentially deadly inflammatory response that affects cats and dogs. Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware of this condition, and may dismiss the warning signs. During the holiday season, El Paso Animal Hospital sees an increase in pancreatitis—especially in dogs—because indulgent owners unknowingly [...]

8 Heat Safety Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

Your pet cannot efficiently cool themselves by sweating, and instead, mostly relies on panting to circulate air through their mouth, to cause evaporation and cool themselves. This method alone is not sufficient when temperatures reach record-breaking numbers, which makes your pet vulnerable to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition that causes inflammation and cell death throughout your [...]

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