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Pet Wellness

Pet Wellness in Derby, KS

Keeping your pet healthy is our primary goal at El Paso Animal Hospital. To do so, we recommend bringing your pet in to see our team at least one time a year, though every six months is best. With over 92 years of combined experience, our team of veterinarians is here to help you and your pet to maintain the best possible level of health. We welcome walk-ins, but making an appointment can ensure a faster exam for your pet. If your pet has not been in to see a vet recently, schedule an exam with us today in Derby, Kansas.

pet wellness with your local veterinarians in derby, ks at el paso animal clinic

What Happens at Your Pet's Wellness Exam?

Though you should bring your pet in to see us whenever you notice any changes in his or her mood or physical health, we also recommend an annual physical. During this wellness exam, we'll discuss your pet's health with you extensively. We'll gather information about your pet's medical history and provide a thorough screening. Our goal is to notice any areas of concern as a primary focus.

We can also help provide advice and guidance to your pet regarding any needs he or she has. For example, we may address any of the following with you.


Pet vaccinations are very important for your animal's overall health and lifespan. Depending on the age of your pet and his or her past vaccination history, we may recommend vaccinations during a wellness exam.

Parasite Protection

Parasites like fleas are very common and hard to avoid. One of the best ways to prevent your pet from becoming infected is through preventative treatments (oral medications) that we can prescribe in our office. If we notice any parasites on your pet during your visit, we'll offer recommendations for treatment as well.


We always encourage pet owners to share with us their concerns about their pet's health and meals. We are happy to offer recommendations if your pet is not the ideal weight. If your pet is ill or has had past gastrointestinal concerns, we'll recommend a diet that's best for his or her health.

Screenings and X-rays

Depending on your pet's age and overall health, we may also recommend screenings and x-rays. For example, as your pet gets older it is important to take stool and blood samples to look for signs of concerns with the heart or other organs. We'll recommend x-rays if there is some concern. This is also a good time to speak to your vet about any joint pain or limited mobility your pet has developed. The more information we have, the more capable we are of ensuring your pet remains healthy.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Veterinarian in Derby, Kansas Today

Contact us at (316) 788-1000 to schedule a wellness exam for your animal. Walk-ins are welcome!

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