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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming in Derby, Kansaspet grooming

At times, troublesome pet coats and problem areas require the love and care that only our experts can provide.  If you are in need of pet grooming in Derby, Kansas, feel confident that your pets will be groomed by some of the best professional pet groomers in the Wichita metro area.

Pet Grooming Services

Our groomers specialize in caring for dogs that require shaved or scissor haircuts. Our pet grooming services include professionally performed baths, using specially designed products that nurture and moisturize your pets coat to make it silky and soft. Our specialized flea treatments, conditioners, shampoos and hypoallergenic options include use of only the best, most highly recommended products.

 Detailed List of Pet Grooming Services

Thorough Coat Brush Out:

This process removes all of your pet's dead hair, which is a necessary part of an effective bathing experience.

Anal Gland Expression:

Thorough, frequent anal gland expression assures that your pet has healthy glands.

Ear Treatments:

Your pet's ears require frequent cleaning to help keep away infections.

Coat Scrub and Rinse:

Our professional groomers provide the most thorough baths available.

Coat Blow Dry:

We want your dog to stay warm and cozy while in our care. To prevent chills, our pet grooming service includes blowing dry and fluffing your pet's fur to help reduce the chances of future shedding.

Trim and Brush Out:

The process of trimming and brushing out your pet's coat ensure that all of its loose hair has been eliminated, and that its paws and feathers are trimmed to reduce chances of tracking mud or water. It should be noted that your pet's nails should be trimmed a minimum of every three to four weeks for optimum health.

Clean and Safe Environment:

We understand that pet grooming can be stressful for some pets. That is why we keep our grooming facilities clean and safe to provide the optimum comfortable experience for your pets. In addition to strenuous cleaning standards, we make sure our facilities are air conditioned in the summer and heated in winter.

Call or Stop In for an Appointment

We are located at 841 N. Buckner St. in Derby, Kansas. Our hours are 8-12 and 1-6 Monday through Friday, and 8-12 on Saturday. We are closed Sundays.  Please call (316) 788-1000 for an appointment, or simply drop by. We offer outstanding pet grooming in the Derby, Kansas and metro Wichita areas, and treat your pets as though they are family members.

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