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Pet Dental Care in Derby, KS Pet Dental Care From Our Derby Vets 

At El Paso Animal Hospital, our Derby veterinarians and team provide a wide range of services to optimize your pet's health and wellness. Pet dental care is one of the many services we can provide in our office; whether your pet is in need of a routine exam and cleaning or more extensive dental work, such as an extraction or oral surgery, we have you covered.

The Importance of Dental Care for Your Pet

We generally recommend that pets be brought into our office for dental cleanings and exams about once a year, though this can vary from one pet to another. Having your pet's teeth professionally evaluated and cleaned is extremely important, especially when you consider how susceptible pets are to tooth decay and gum disease. Without the proper dental care, your pet could suffer from painful cavities, oral disease, and other dental problems that could make it difficult to eat and cause your pet discomfort on a daily basis. 

With our thorough dental exams and cleanings, we can stay on top of any changes in your pet's oral health and carefully remove plaque and other build-up that could otherwise lead to serious dental problems for your pet. Furthermore, if your pet is in need of a more extensive procedure, we can take care of this in our office and prevent oral health problems from getting worse.

At-Home Pet Dental Care Tips

In addition to bringing your pet in for routine pet dental care in our office, there are some steps you can follow at home to take care of your pet's oral health in between appointments. For starters, did you know that you should be brushing your pet's teeth regularly? Most pet owners don't. Pick up a tooth brush and special tooth paste at your local pet supply store and begin brushing your pet's teeth to remove build-up between professional cleanings. There are also some great dental products you can buy to help keep your pet's breath fresh and mouth clean, such as flavorless and odorless additives you can put in your pet's water bowl. For dogs, there are also special toys that function in a similar manner to a tooth brush when your dog chews on them, so consider picking some of these up as well!

And of course, always be on the lookout for signs of potential dental problems in your pet. If your pet seems to have difficulty chewing solid foods or if you notice red, swollen, or bleeding gums, be sure to see our veterinary team as soon as possible for an evaluation.

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You never need an appointment for routine care at our Derby, Kansas veterinary clinic. If you have questions about our dental services offered, don't hesitate to contact our team at El Paso Animal Hospital by calling (316) 788-1000!

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