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Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention at El Paso Animal Clinic in Derby, KS

As a pet owner, you are aware how important it is to ensure your pet gets regular exercise, a nutritious diet and lots of love. What you are probably forgetting is that it is also your duty and responsibility to protect them from any health risks caused by pests such as ticks and fleas. Not only should you treat your pets but you should also fortify your home against the invaders. If you would like a few pointers on how to deal with pests, visit our Derby veterinarians at El Paso Animal Clinic for a consultation.

Dog scratching due to fleas and ticksWhy is Parasite Control Important for Pets?

Ticks and fleas can make your precious pets sick and can quickly lead to an infestation in your home. Ticks can be dangerous for animals that spend a fair amount of time outdoors such as cats and dogs. Ticks are known to cause Lyme disease in pets and if left untreated your pet can develop kidney disease. In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can cause tick paralysis in pets. Tick paralysis is caused when a female tick attaches itself near the pet’s spinal cord causing muscle weakness and loss of coordination. Fleas are a common pest in cats and dogs. Their bite makes your pet itchy, and they develop red bumps that could lead to excessive scratching.

Different Methods of Flea & Tick Prevention

There are several easy, safe and effective ways to prevent fleas and ticks. Such as:

  • Spot on treatments - they are the most popular pest prevention method because they are inexpensive and you only have to apply on the pet's skin once every month.
  • Sprays – You can use sprays to kill pests on your pets. However, you have to be cautious because some alcohol-based sprays can have side effects on some pets.
  • Oral – It might be the least popular method, but it is the most effective because it offers protection on the pet’s entire body. Remember to always read the instruction before administering a dose.

Flea Treatment and Tick Protection

The smartest way to keep parasites away from your pets is by having a preventative medication regimen for your pets. A veterinary doctor will help with tick and flea treatment by recommending particular medication for your problem. You should understand that parasite protection is not a one size fits all. Your veterinarian will consider several factors including age, breed, health status and any medication your pet might be taking at the moment before making a recommendation.

Visit our Derby Veterinarians Today for Flea and Tick Prevention

To keep your pet and yourself safe from fleas and ticks, it is important you get expert advice from the professionals. Do not feel shy to contact El Paso Animal Clinic in Derby by calling us at (316) 788-1000. We do not require appointments for routine care, so feel free to drop by at anytime!


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