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Meet Our Staff

  • Brenda Mudd-Dockery
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Position/Job Responsibilities: Registered Veterinary Technician - Laboratory Tech, Client Education, Inventory & Ordering, Grief Counseling, Account Manager, Technical Supervisor

    Brenda has worked at the El Paso Animal Hospital since July, 1987. Brenda grew up outside of Russell, KS, on her family's farm which raised registered herefords, sheep, poultry, and rabbits. Her interest started in 4-H with volunteer work at Town & Country Animal Hospital through the 4-H veterinary science program. She worked through high school for Dr. Stitchcomb and worked with Hays Humane Society for 4 years. After she moved to Wichita she worked at Sedgwick Co. Zoo as a technician & the Wichita Emergency Vet Clinic.

    Brenda and Skip, her husband of 30 years, have lived in Udall for the past 12 years. She has raised 4 generations of Boxers over the last 18 years - with no new pups for over 10 years. They have been her pride and joy! She also loves to garden (vegetables, flower and herb gardens), watch her hummingbirds, cross stitching, canning and drying produce, and baking.


    • Graduated from Colby Community College in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree
    • Continuing education yearly to keep registered
    • Former President and member of the Kansas Veterinary Technician Association

    Brenda's Animal Family:

    • Sampson - Boxer
    • Tilley - Chihuahua
    • Breezey - Chihuahua
    • Misty - Chihuahua Mix

  • Becca Duty
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Position/Job Responsibilities: Veterinary Technician - Dental, X-rays, Bloodwork, Patient Care, Surgery Prep, Assisting the Doctor

    Becca has worked for El Paso Animal Hospital since March, 2007. In her spare time she enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers, Texas Hold ‘Em and Volleyball.


    • Certified Animal Care Specialist - obtained in 2006 from PCDI

    Becca's Animal Family:

    • Mowgli - Gray Cat
    • Nala - Shep mix
    • Jasmine - Shep mix
    • Joy - Lab
    • Nemo - Ball Python

  • Dakotah Fiedler
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Position/Job Responsibilities:  Veterinary Tech Assistant

    Dakotah began with El Paso Animal Hospital in March, 2015.  She recently moved to Derby from Hays, Kansas where she had experience working at an Animal Care Hospital in Great Bend.  She and her husband Mark have one daughter, Emma.  Dakotah's hobbies include spending time with her family, crafting, and reading

    Dakotah's Animal Family:

    Dilla - Chinchilla 

  • Andrew Brown
    El Paso Veterinary Techician

    Andrew joined our team in May, 2017. He was a sergeant in the United States Air Force for 9 years. He enjoys playing drums in his band, shooting sports, off-roading, and spending time with his wife, Theresa, and son, Benjamin.

    Andrew's Animal Family:

    •  Roger & Callie - basset hounds
    •  Eve - yellow anaconda
  • Sierra Badley
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Sierra joined us in early June, 2018. Before finding her place on our team, she worked as an assessments specialist at the Kansas Humane Society. She is originally from Texas where she grew up on a farm before getting a degree in creative writing and Japanese studies. She enjoys reading, writing, raising dogs, and working dogs through obedience trials. She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and her household of animals.

    Sierra's Animal Family:

    • Akeela, Nakeeda, Kovu, and Chinook - Siberian Huskies
    • Chinzia - Malamate
    • Riniyin - ragdoll cat
    • Torbie - domestic short hair
    • Kishi - Siamese
    • Hei - lionhead rabbit
    • Saiyo - mini rex rabbit
  • Emily Wagoner
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Emily joined El Paso Animal Hospital in February, 2017. She loves spending time with her adorable dogs and family. She volunteers in her spare time and enjoys pizza.

    Emily's Animal Family:

    • Mala - Pomsky
    • Ziggy - Pomeranian
    • Spud - cat
  • Mary Collins
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Mary joined our family in March, 2014 as her first job. She grew up in Derby with her parents, Dawn and Ed, and her siblings, Ziona and Kurtis. She enjoys swimming and spending time with her pets.

    Mary's Animal Family:

    • Watson - Cairn Terrier
    • Luna - Chow/Shepherd Mix
    • Gabby - long haired cat
  • Ashlee Goseland
    El Paso Veterinary Techinician

    Ashlee began at El Paso in February, 2015. She started out as a kennel technician and now works as a vet tech. during the week and receptionist on the weekends. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Her brother and sister both work in the hospital as well.

    Ashlee's Animal Family:

    • Peki - havanese
    • Hudson - domestic short hair cat
  • Meghan Shaffner
    El Paso Veterinary Technician

    Meghan joined us in June, 2018. She is currently in school for vet assisting at Animal Behavior College. She is from Cocoa Beach, Florida, and she enjoys water sports, traveling, reading, and learning different cultures. She lives with her husband, Brandon and her two dogs.

    Meghan's Animal Family:

    • Flo - lab/beagle mix - 6 years old
    • Oakley - lab/border collie - 2 years old
  • Melissa Hileman
    El Paso Lab Technician

    Melissa joined our team in July, 2016, and she loves working in our lab. She enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, and playing games with her husband Greg, 20-year old son Geoff, 18-year old daughter Abby, and 14-year old son Joel.

    Melissa's Animal Family:

    • Browni - cairn terrier
    • Bella - standard poodle
    • Liz - schnauzer/shitzu mix
  • Chloe Mill
    El Paso Receptionist

    Chloe has worked at the El Paso Animal Hospital since December, 2006. Prior to that she did volunteer work and worked as kennel staff at two other clinics. She married her high school sweetheart, Chris. Chloe has two little boys, Cooper and Colby.

    Chloe's Animal Family:

    • Charlie Brown - Min Pin
    • Gus - Doberman

  • Becky Sova
    El Paso Receptionist

    Becky began working for El Paso Animal Hospital in February, 2014. She was born in Claremore, Oklahoma but moved to Kansas in 1987. Becky is a loving mom to her 17-year old son and 6-year old daughter. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

    Becky's Animal Family:

    • Bella & Jackson - 2 domestic short hair cats

  • Jessica Chavez
    El Paso Receptionist

    Jessica has worked for El Paso Animal Hospital since June, 2012.  She has worked in almost every area of the clinic - from kennel staff to veterinary technician and now a receptionist. She has lived in Derby her whole life, and she used to show dogs and was involved in a lot of rescues before joining our team. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and 2-year old son.  In her spare time she enjoys going to movies and concerts.

  • Angela Boese
    El Paso Receptionist

    Angela began working for El Paso Animal Hospital in June, 2016. Angela spends the school year inspiring children to read as the librarian at the Rose Hill Schools. She also works as the Director of Christian Ministries for Rose Hill United Methodist Church. Angela has enjoyed helping at the clinic this summer and plans to work part time with us during the school year. Angela comes to us with a wealth of education and experience. She has a Masters in Administration, has taught Kindergarten through 3rd grade for 27 years, and volunteered at the Kansas Humane Society. She is a proud mom of Chandler (21) who is a Journalism/English major at KU and to son Ray 3 (19) who is currently serving in the Navy. In her rare spare time she enjoys scrapbooking.

    Angela’s Animal Family:

    • Samantha - Lab
    • Reese - Dachshund
    • Angela has always raised dachshunds and guinea pigs and even had guinea pigs, frogs, and gerbils in her classroom.

  • Olivia Steinert
    El Paso Receptionist

    Olivia has worked at the El Paso Animal Hospital since August, 2016. She worked as a kennel staff until May, 2018 when she became a receptionist. She graduated from Derby High School this year and will be heading to K-State in the fall, following her parents and older sister. She enjoys playing softball and hanging out with her friends. 

    Olivia's Animal Family:

    • Hans - Dachshund
    • Molly - Dachshund
    • Maggie - Dachshund
    • Kit Kitteridge - Calico cat

  • Cheyenne Dealy
    El Paso Receptionist

    Cheyenne joined our team in May, 2018. Before coming to us, she gained a lot of experience working at another animal hospital. Her family has always been bringing their pets to El Paso, and she wanted to be a part of the great service she always received. Cheyenne enjoys reading, spending time with her husband Joe and daughter Ziva, and going for walks with her dogs.

    Cheyenne's Animal Family:

    • Great Dane
    • 2 shepherd lab mixes
    • 2 mini schnauzers
  • Clara Waegener
    El Paso Receptionist

    Clara joined the El Paso family in June, 2018. She has a CNA license and worked with children before starting a family of her own and fulfilling her passion as a stay-at-home mom to her 2 and a half year old son. She enjoys going to the pool and hanging out with her family.

    Clara's Animal Family:

    • Apollo - blue pitbull

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